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Breastfeeding Positions for Newborns

As a mother of 3 children ages ranging in age from 6 months to 4, I am fresh on the breastfeeding wagon.  I typically breastfeed my newborn babies until approximately 18 months, by which time we are usually expecting another little blessing!  (Then I experience Hyperemesis Gravidarum and have to stop breastfeeding but that is for another post).

Those brand new little ones are quite floppy and need to be positioned carefully. I find that using a boppy pillow for at least the first 5 months and definitely for the first few days is critical for my comfort while nursing!  I have found a few positions for breastfeeding my newborns that seem to work particularly well.

Breastfeeding Positions for Newborns: The Football Nursing Hold

Mother with baby - breastfeeding positions for newborns.

Breastfeeding Positions for Newborns

When I am still in the hospital and newly home, I prefer the football hold for nursing.  I accomplish this with the aid of pillows while still in the hospital and with my boppy (an essential piece of equipment for me for about the first 5 months or so) at home.  In this nursing position the baby’s feet are pointing behind your back with their head next to the breast.  The key I have found is to have the baby up high enough relative to the breast.  I love this hold early on because there is no leaning forward and no chance that baby will kick a healing area postpartum.

The Cross Body Hold Breastfeeding Position for Newborn Babies

I use this position to nurse after I’ve been home for a little while, and, with my newborns, I use my boppy.  In this position the baby is lying on their side with their face facing the breast to latch on.  I find this more comfortable when the baby is a little bigger, but still a newborn.  It also seems that this position is easier once the baby has learned to latch on pretty well (which you can usually accomplish while using the football hold above).

Nursing Lying Down – One of my Favorite Breastfeeding Positions in Bed!

OK, beware that you will be very comfy in this position, and, if you are tired, it is very easy to fall asleep while nursing.  In this one I lay on my side with my lower arm extended out and above the baby’s head.  The baby is also on their side and facing me.  Then, latch on.  My babies almost always fall asleep in this position.  It is very comfortable.  If you are uncomfortable with you falling asleep while nursing in bed, I don’t advise it.  It is one of my personal favorites and is very relaxing.

These are my 3 favorite positions for nursing my newborns.  I hope one or all will work for you!  Enjoy that new little blessing God has gifted you!